Vendor master file fraud prevention specialist

Brand New: This week sees the launch of a brand new Certification from The Institute of Financial Operations and Leadership (IFOL).

The focus is understanding and implementing techniques and practices for preventing fraud in the Vendor Masterfile, which is a major concern for businesses globally.

A recent survey conducted IFOL which saw participation from over 300 organizations, indicated that sophisticated attacks from fraudsters is one of the top concerns for their Financial Operations teams.

This brand new and unique certification programme from IFOL which is also accredited ACAPP, will equip its learners with the knowledge, skills and tools to effectively protect the Financial Operations team and Vendor Masterfile from a variety of attacks from fraudsters.

These are the 3 key principles of the programme, which have been developed in partnership with Accounts Payable Expert, Debra Richardson.

  1. Authentication -Data from fraudulent sources will not be processed.
  2. Validation – Vendors entered into your Vendor Master File will be real.
  3. Management  Your company will maintain a clean Vendor Master File.

Free Preview and Enrolment

Anybody interested in enrolling in this course can find further details, a free preview and enrol online here https://www.accounts-payable-edu.org/courses/vendor-masterfile-fraud-prevention-specialist

IFOL release a brand new certification programme; Masterfile Fraud Prevention Specialist

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