Founded is 2015, ACAPP has quickly become the global leader in delivery of Accounts Payable training courses, member resources and industry events. Over 30,000 AP professionals across Europe, US & Canada trust ACAPP for professional training and career development.

Our courses are offered in a variety of formats from UK apprenticeships standards to online Certification programmes designed to meet the needs of all AP professionals.

Our mission is to lead the way in providing AP professionals with a structured learning programme and in turn the opportunities to develop a successful career in finance without becoming a qualified accountant.


Why become Certified?

Upon completion of the ACAPP certification programme, you will be placed in a high-level, elite group of Certified Accounts Payable professionals around the world, whose skills are recognised and celebrated. Respect from peers, a stronger resume and increased earning potential are all benefits of becoming certified.

Why choose ACAPP?

Our courses have been developed and updated over several years with a select group of industry specialists, AP Managers and Management gurus, who understand the exact challenges Accounts Payable professionals face day to day in the real world. With such exciting and relevant course materials, a flexible learning style and student support, there’s no need to look elsewhere.

When will ACAPP courses be available in Canada?

Our two tier certification programme (Foundation and Management) is expected to be available in Canada June 2019.  Further certification programmes will be released in Canada later in the year.

Who recognizes ACAPP course materials?

Our course materials are recognised and respected thousands of employers, large and small across both public and private sectors around the world. Our courses are underwritten and signed off our global institute partners who are governed national qualification regulatory bodies.

Can my employer pay for my course?

Yes, over 80% of ACAPP students receive full or partial funding from their employers.  We’re here to help if you need guidance on approaching your employer for funding and submitting a professional proposal.

How do I become a member?

Membership with ACAPP in Canada will become available upon launch of our certification programme. You will be able to apply for the required membership online and become a member instantly. Whether you choose to study or not, membership is highly recommended for anyone working within the industry as you will gain access to a variety of resources to aid your career advancement, working compliance and professional network.