The Certified Accounts Payable Practitioner (CAPP®) credential sets the standard for excellence in accounts payable.

Individuals and teams who successfully complete the CAPP Certification (or another certification from IFOL) benefit from immediate professional status and recognition for a commitment to accuracy and efficiency and an ability to implement best practices. At many organizations globally, CAPP Certification is a prerequisite for employment consideration.

Over 25,000 driven professionals choose CAPP certification each year to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and commitment to the industry. The personal and professional benefits of achieving the CAPP credential are vast, some of the top benefits include;

Professional Recognition

The CAPP designation is a symbol of excellence signifying your competency in accounts payable and is recognized as the leading professional credential in the field of Accounts Payable, globally.

Industry Credibility

Certified and accredited at The Institute of Financial Operations and Leadership (IFOL), the CAPP credential signifies you have demonstrated knowledge and skills in Accounts Payable technical, management, leadership and processes, along with people and departmental management.

Desirable for Employers

Your CAPP designation is a marker of your professionalism; when employers look for proven and committed team members they are looking for CAPPs.

Earning Potential

Results of IFOL’s annual earning survey show year on year that Accounts Payable professionals who hold the CAPP, CAPS or CAPM credentials earn up to 22% more than their non-certified counterparts.

Career Advancing

The CAPP programme offers an entry level for all, regardless of previous experience and qualifications.

Throughout the CAPP programme, you’ll gain extensive knowledge and understanding of the end to end Accounts Payable process enabling you to perform the role of an Accounts Payable Specialist, Manager or Senior Leader at the highest level.


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