Starting a career in finance - You won't regret it!


You may be a school leaver, graduate or just looking for a change of career, whichever the case may be, a career in financial operations is an exciting and rewarding choice.

Almost every business in the world needs skilled finance professionals to carry out duties such as implementing and improving financial processes and providing financial analysis to business leaders.

By choosing a career in finance and enrolling in ACAPP Courses to become certified in Accounts Payable, you will open a whole world of new opportunities with businesses globally who need your skills and knowledge.

Why start with Accounts Payable?

Accounts Payable or AP for short, is a fast paced, dynamic operation within any business and requires skilled professionals to perform a variety of complex tasks which might include;

  • On-boarding and building relationships with new suppliers
  • Ensuring suppliers are paid on time
  • Extracting data and providing detailed reports to business leaders
  • Reviewing and improving financial processes and a whole lot more…

Within AP you will build relationships with many important areas of a business and gain an in-depth understanding of how business units work together. The broad exposure to the business you benefit from in AP, is unlike any other department and will help you throughout your career. Many successful business leaders have started their career in AP and now control the overall finance operations of global organisations.

There’s a shortage – another reason to start your finance career in AP, is that there global shortage of skilled and certified Accounts Payable professionals which means salaries are on the rise and you will have a wider selection of jobs to apply for.

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