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The CAPP certification is the most widely recognized and respected Accounts Payable Courses and Certification Programme in North America and Europe.

The programme educates learners on the true meaning and responsibilities of Accounts Payable and teaches best practices for performing the role of an Accounts Payable professional.

Key topics include;
  • Invoicing best practices
  • Fraud awareness and procedures for avoiding fraud
  • Supplier set up and management
  • Reconciliations
  • Reporting
  • Payment practices and solutions
  • Automation and other technology for finance
  • Travel and expense management, and many more.

CAPP Accounts Payable Course content is provided in different formats to suit your preferred learning style including

  • on-demand videos
  • online text books
  • monthly live online classes.
Certifications from IFOL provide a starting point for everyone, no matter your previous experience or education level.

Each course is user friendly, intuitive and offers a structured learning environment with regular knowledge assessments from within out virtual academy to ensure you achieve the learning objectives.

If you are looking to further your career in Finance or simply gain the recognition and respect you deserve, becoming a Certified Accounts Payable professional is a great place to start. Get started learning the essentials of the CAPP programme here

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Certified Accounts Payable Specialist (CAPS)

Level | Entry / Intermediate

Certified Accounts Payable Manager (CAPM)

Level | Intermediate / Advanced

Certified Accounts Payable Practitioner (CAPP)

Level | Entry / Intermediate / Advanced