The CAPP course and examination is based on globally recognized standards of practice, concepts and theories in Accounts Payable and management principles.

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A CAPP credential holder is globally recognized as a subject matter expert and professional in the field of Accounts Payable. The vast majority of CAPP’s work in an Accounts Payable role whether operational, analytical or managerial, however many individuals from wider Finance roles and other functions such as Treasury, IT, Sales, Marketing who need to understand the complexities of Accounts Payable also opt to become CAPP’s.

CAPP Certification Course Breakdown

The Standard of Excellence

The CAPP exam is designed to test competency of the knowledge and skills required Accounts Payable professionals. The Accounts Payable Practitioner course consists of both Foundation (CAPS) and Management (CAPM) courses and provides the highest level of Accounts Payable Certification. Topics include:

  • Leading and motivating the accounts payable team
  • Managing for high performance in the AP team
  • Developing staff maximizing performance
  • Presenting with impact
  • KPI’s for business performance
  • Complaints handling in Accounts Payable
  • The Accounts Payable career path
  • Customer service excellence and stakeholder management
  • Accounts Payable process and policies
  • Suppliers
  • Technology in finance
  • Travel and entertainment expenses
  • Internal controls, risk management and compliance

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