Are fraudsters targeting your Accounts Payable department? Learn how to mitigate the risk with Fraud Investigator, Alex Beavan

Join us for insightful session where we look a how your Accounts Payable department might be targeted fraudsters in various ways and how you can take action to reduce risk.

Hosted Sue Beardsmore and joined ACAPP/IFOL’s Partnership Director, Sam Hitchen-Rae and Western Union Business Solutions’ Fraud and Internal Investigations Expert, Alex Beavan you’ll learn about new and sophisticated ways fraudsters are targeting your Accounts Payable department especially during the current global pandemic and how you can implement strategies to identify and prevent fraudulent payments taking place.

Key Learning Points Include:

– Fraud during Ovid-19 and mitigating the risk

– Business Email Compromise, the associated red flags, and how to prevent it

– Working in partnership to prevent fraud in AP

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