Hear from Student of the Month Stacy on why she enrolled herself and her team on our Accounts Payable Programmes.

We spoke with Student of the Month March 2021 Stacy Adelubi, to find out why she enrolled not only herself but also her team on our Accounts Payable Courses. Stacy has enrolled on the Certified Accounts Payable Practitioner (CAPP) programme while her team is enrolled on the Certified Accounts Payable Specialist (CAPS) programme. Despite only being enrolled for just over a month, Stacy had a lot of insights to share.

She is a prime example of a finance leader who recognizes that her whole team can benefit from upskilling.

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Can you give an overview of your professional background and your current position?

I have worked on and off in Accounts Payable for many years. My experience covers about 10 years of experience in Accounts Receivable and about 5 years in Accounts Payable. My current role is Manager of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable for a Commercial Retail Property Management company.

Tell us why you encouraged your team to enrol in the CAPS Programme?

I encouraged my team to take the CAPS programme because they are new to the AP role. Although they get hands-on learning in their role, this programme gives them the theoretical requirements as well. My team must understand why processes and procedures are important – and the requirement of certain tasks. This programme provides exactly that.

Why did you choose the CAPP programme from IFOL?

The CAPP programme gives me localized training in AP and further enhances my understanding as an AP Manager. I can also learn skills to better my team such as ensuring that internal controls are correctly in place. Using what I have learned through this programme, I have also furthered my effectiveness towards my team and it has boosted my confidence to lead and manage.

What are you looking forward to the most as part of your certification journey? (Masterclasses, Course Material, Networking, etc)

Knowing that I can take what I have learned and applying it to my role and team is exciting to me. Already, what I have learnt is relevant to my daily tasks. I have also already had the opportunity to participate in a masterclass and it was very informative.

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